We are still making all of our goodies and doing what we love best! You will unfortuntely not see us on the market circuit until COVID-19 stage 3 & 4 are over.
You can still shop our online store from the comfort of your lounge room!

If there is a product that you need and you don't see it on our store for purchase, please send me a message and let's have a chat about it. Please allow extra time or delivery delays beyond our control, a tracking umber will be sent to you vi email when packing our order.

Safe Safe.

bridielouise is a Melbourne based brand which combines the power of the earth's haling with a contemporary outlook on design and functionality. bridielouise offers a vast range of jewellery, as well as a ever expanding bath and body range.

Stones are sourced from around the world, some even in Australia.  

All stones are handpicked and charged by the Australian sun.
Along with the stone and loofah, we include a high grade of Olive Oil and Goat's Milk base.
Olive Oil benefits include:
Hyper moisturizing, antioxidant rich, vegan, great for sensitive and dry skin.
Goat's Milk benefits include:
anti-inflammatory properties, treats acne and loaded with essential vitamins absorbed by the skin.
Lather up and bath with the energy of your stone.
Long after the soap is gone, your stone remains yours to keep.

Our combination of small tumbled stones and bath salts are put into a single use pouch.
Epsom salt, pink Himalayan salt and pink rose clay make up the pouch, along with your choice of mini tumbled stones.
Salt bath benefits include:
reduce stress, flush toxins from cells, improve heart health and lower blood pressure.
Simply place into the bathtub.
The salts will dissolve and the stones energy will be channeled through your bath water. No mess, no fuss.

All jewellery features natural elements, from beads to pendants.
If you have a special requirement for size please contact us via the 'contact us' form.